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The future of health care: customer insights drive innovation in radiology

November 08, 2016
From the November 2016 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

3) We are seeing more widespread adoption of precision medicine an approach to disease treatment and prevention taking individual variability in genotype, phenotype, environment and lifestyle into account. Today, more hospitals are adopting multidisciplinary views of a patient's cancer. Frequently conducted as a tumor board, these boards take into account the molecular view through genomic understanding of the state of the disease, along with the cellular view provided by histopathology, together with the tissue and organ-level views provided by radiology. Collectively, these insights help to determine the best treatment and the most likely outcome.

In this context, the radiologist plays the critical role of offering insights into the interaction of anatomy and disease processes with the imaging system, and the value of specific imaging biomarkers in the context of the disease. We are also witnessing greater multidisciplinary assessments of neurological and cardiovascular diseases. For example, we are seeing greater utilization of molecular, structural and functional imaging to assess neurodegenerative diseases, and imaging is increasingly combined with clinical and behavioral assessments of these patients in order to stage the severity of disease, and in the selection of therapies.

For health systems to be viable and high-performing in the future, a sustainable imaging enterprise, plus the seamless integration of clinical systems with data-driven understanding of the practice, is a fundamental requirement.

About the author: Rob Cascella is the CEO, diagnosis and treatment businesses, at Philips.

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