IBM Watson Health and Merge demo cognitive works in progress at RSNA

IBM Watson Health and Merge demo cognitive works in progress at RSNA

by John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | December 06, 2016
Health IT RSNA

Merge and Watson presented several other developments at RSNA, including:

  • A cognitive data summarization tool that aims to see expansively all available patient data sources, filter and present contextually relevant information in one view, customizable for radiologists and referring physicians.

  • A cognitive physician support tool that seeks to recommend probability-driven differential diagnosis options upon analysis of vast amounts of patient, population and medical research data, to help inform physicians' decisions for the patient.

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  • The MedyMatch "Brain Bleed" App, a cognitive image review tool intended to help ER physicians diagnose a stroke or brain bleed in a trauma patient by identifying relevant evidence in a patient record.

  • Watson Clinical Integration Module, a cloud application for radiologists that aims to help increase reader efficiency and counteract common causes of errors in medical imaging. This includes such factors as base rate neglect, anchoring, bias, framing bias and premature closure.

  • A Merge lesion segmentation and tracking module, designed to help radiologists increase the speed with which they interpret and report comparison exams in cancer patient conditions that require longitudinal tracking.

IBM Watson is the first commercially-available cognitive computing capability representing a new era in computing. The system, delivered through the cloud, analyzes high volumes of data, understands complex questions posed in natural language, and proposes evidence-based answers. Watson continuously learns from previous interactions, gaining in value and knowledge over time.

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