Clarius scores FDA approval for its C3 and L7 compact, wireless ultrasounds

by Lauren Dubinsky, Senior Reporter | December 15, 2016
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The Clarius ultrasounds can
be submerged in water
Clarius Mobile Health has received FDA clearance for its C3 and L7 wireless ultrasound scanners. Both are compatible with the latest iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

The Clarius C3 and L7 were first introduced in March 2016. C3 is designed for abdomen and lung exams as well as quick heart scans, and L7 is for guiding procedures and imaging superficial structures.

Dr. Geoff Sanz, emergency physician at the University of British Columbia, uses the Clarius ultrasounds as stethoscopes. He said that C3 and L7 allow him to triage patients more quickly and help him make the right decisions at an accident site.

Other app-based ultrasounds on the market are powered by the smart device, but C3 and L7 run on rechargeable batteries. Two batteries and a charger come with each scanner.

Both are built with a magnesium case so they can withstand rugged environments and be cleaned and disinfected in water.

Dr. Thomas Cook of 3rd Rock Ultrasound and the Emergency Ultrasound Course used these ultrasounds in an educational setting. He reported that he was "very impressed with the image quality" for a compact ultrasound.

"Clarius is the future of patient care," Dr. Steven Steinhubl, director of digital medicine at the Scripps Translational Science Institute, said in a statement. "The image quality is amazing for any scanner, much less one that fits in my pocket."

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