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Genesis Automation launches new supplier portal

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | August 13, 2018 Health IT Medical Devices
Tracks transfers and delivery and validates customer acceptance to improve purchase order cycle-time
Allows sales representatives to spend more time educating and selling
Improves time-to-cash by verifying consignment stock usage
"We're returning to our roots," says Noel O'Hanlon, Founder and CEO of Genesis Automation. "The original business model for Genesis circa 2006 was supplier-based. We recognized managing consignment inventory was a significant problem. However, the market was not ready for a supplier-based consignment management solution, so we focused on managing consignment and other inventory on the hospital side." Genesis is now uniting these two worlds, helping bring greater communication and visibility to each.

"It's really a game-changer for medical device suppliers," says Dan Sweeney, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development, who has been overseeing development of the Genesis Supplier Portal. "Accurate real-time visibility to consignment inventory and trunk stock has been difficult if not impossible to achieve, and suppliers can't bill what they can't prove. This gives suppliers the evidential, validated data they need to effectively partner with their clients, and de-risks the consignment inventory model from end-to-end."

SOURCE Genesis Automation

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