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For breast biopsies, MammoPort standardizes tissue transfer from radiology to pathology to ensure quality and reduce errors

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | October 02, 2018 Medical Devices

The Mammotome revolve breast biopsy device automatically places the tissue into the tissue trays. The radiology technologist then inserts the tray with the samples into the Mammoport container, and it is transported to the radiograph. Once the calcifications are confirmed, the radiology technologist marks the container with the breast cores of interest, placing it into formalin for seamless transport to the Pathology lab for grossing and processing.

Improved Calcification Separation. MammoPort eliminates the need to manually separate tissue with calcifications from non-calcifications, helping prevent potential medical errors. The specimens remain individually contained to maintain the orientation and location of the calcifications, and the marked container helps to ensure the proper patient information and critical specimen identification of calcifications remain intact throughout the process.

"The hard work of detecting the breast abnormality, acquiring the tissue during the biopsy process, can all be undone by manual crush manipulation during the separation of tissue and calcifications," says Dr. Gilvydis. "Mammoport eliminates this pitfall and helps bridge tissue integrity throughout the acquisition and diagnostic process from Radiology to Pathology."

MammoPort is a trademark of Leica Biosystems, Richmond, Inc. in the USA and optionally in other countries.

About Leica Biosystems
Leica Biosystems is a global leader in cancer diagnostics with the most comprehensive portfolio from biopsy to diagnosis. We are committed to delivering Accuracy, Quality and Workflow Efficiencies to help advance diagnostic confidence.

SOURCE Leica Biosystems

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