Exact Imaging commended by Frost & Sullivan for ExactVu, its micro-ultrasound system for targeted prostate biopsies
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Exact Imaging commended by Frost & Sullivan for ExactVu, its micro-ultrasound system for targeted prostate biopsies

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LONDON, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Based on its recent analysis of the global prostate cancer diagnostic imaging market, Frost & Sullivan recognises Exact Imaging with the 2019 Global Technology Innovation Award for developing the world's first 29 MHz micro-ultrasound-based system, ExactVu™. This system is revolutionizing the prostate biopsy space by delivering a 300% improvement in resolution over conventional urological ultrasound systems.

"With the ability to completely visualise the anatomical details of most prostates down to 70 microns, ExactVu™ micro-ultrasound identifies zone margins, small calcified lesions, prior biopsy needle tracks, subtle deviations in prostate margins, and most importantly, allows urologists to see suspiscious regions for "targeting" their prostate biopsies," said Durga Chandrupatla, Senior Research Analyst. "Conventional ultrasound is unable to see suspiscious regions so can just facilitate "blind" biopsies, which have a 30% false negative rate. The ExactVu™ provides resolution comparable to MRI - - but on ultrasound - - so it enables targeting of biopsies in the urologist's office, at a fraction of the cost or complexity of MRI, and in a single patient visit. The ExactVu™ solution also supports both conventional and high-resolution transducers. While conventional transducers may be used for abdominal and general urological imaging, the high-resolution transducer, operating at 29 MHz, provides the excellent spatial resolution required for detailed visualisation of the prostate to look for suspicious regions."

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ExactVu™ also allows for abdominal imaging, including kidney, bladder, and large prostate procedures. Groups have also published on initial successes using the high-resolution micro-ultrasound as an alternative to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in bladder cancer. Specifically, because the micro-ultrasound accurately demarcates the normal anatomy of the bladder wall from bladder tumours, it has been shown to distinguish non-muscle invasive bladder cancer from muscle-invasive bladder cancer, with a strong pathological correlation.

In addition, Exact Imaging's platform may be a superior clinical solution for image-guided, focused laser ablation (FLA) for urology by eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming MRI guidance during the procedure, thus making the treatment faster, more accurate, and cost effective. Exact Imaging's micro-ultrasound real-time imaging and biopsy guidance solution has the potential to dramatically increases the clinician's ability to target diseased tissue and receive superior guidance during the procedure, in terms of monitoring the FLA treatment.
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