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The ever-evolving CT tube market

by John W. Mitchell, Senior Correspondent | August 26, 2019
Parts And Service
From the August 2019 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

The session included both in-class and hands-on training. “These installers had a solid foundation in tube installation, so we were able to build on their knowledge and use our class time very efficiently,” instructor Jerome Howard told HCB News at that time.

Richardson has two full-time service trainers to help hospitals become independent in managing their own service, according to Olsen. The company also offers remote diagnostics, provided a hospital or clinics allows them access to their IT system.

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“The Chronos Health Group is a collection of companies that offer solutions throughout the end-to-end value chain on a global basis,” said Fitzgerald. “We come from an independent service provider heritage and understand the needsof our customers intimately.”

An evolving market
Fitzgerald with Chronos agrees that OEMS have become more competitive in recent years in response to independent providers and tube makers. But, he pointed out, in markets where there is no independent service competition, OEM pricing may be higher.

This relationship between pricing and competition has been playing out for some time in the medical equipment sector, with some manufacturers arguing that independent companies may compromise patient safety. After opening an investigation into the issue in 2016, the FDA issued a report in 2018 finding there was not sufficient evidence of a safety issue to warrant further regulation of independent organizations.

“Chronos Imaging competes by offering the highest-quality replacement CT tubes at competitive pricing, and through continuous investment in new products and solutions,” said Fitzgerald “We encourage customers to keep in mind that competition is what has created this more favorable environment and support independent suppliers wherever possible.”

Olsen with Richardson said that quality, not quantity, will drive the alternative tube market.

“We invest heavily in our people and consider them our most strategic asset,” said Fitzgerald, adding that innovation is the lifeline of any company wanting to succeed in the alternative medical imaging tube space.

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