DrChrono and OutcomeMD announce partnership making it easier to track and analyze patient outcome data and confounding factors

DrChrono and OutcomeMD announce partnership making it easier to track and analyze patient outcome data and confounding factors

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How it Works

Via a HIPAA compliant process, patients are sent a web link to their mobile or desktop devices that they can access without need for putting an app on their phone or creating a username and password. This process is typically initiated from the call center or front office staff from within their DrChrono login. After the patient answers the list of questions (typically 4 minutes to complete) OutcomeMD then summarizes their symptoms into a single tangible score that is instantly displayed to patient and doctor alike. The patient's answers and scores are instantly pushed into the clinician's DrChrono EHR medical note allowing the doctor to spend more face time with patients and less time typing. The scores are displayed alongside the clinical events (entered by the doctor into the EHR such as medications, diagnoses and procedures), delivering a timeline visualization of care that enhances the patient and clinician's ability to quickly and accurately understand all of the things that have happened to that patient, and how these events have positively or negatively affected their symptoms and/or quality of life. As treatment progresses, clinicians and care managers receive outcome-based notifications that tell them when patients need attention based on improvement or worsening in patient scores. The OutcomeMD Dashboard gives clinicians and institutions transparency into what aspects of their care are working and not working. Confounding factors are also gathered and accounted for such as adverse life events, patient compliance, social determinants of health, and new physical injuries that may have occurred since the last time the patient was assessed, allowing institutions to accurately and scientifically dial in best practices and embrace value-based care.


Special-Pricing Available on Medical Displays, Patient Monitors, Recorders, Printers, Media, Ultrasound Machines, and Cameras.This includes Top Brands such as SONY, BARCO, NDS, NEC, LG, EDAN, EIZO, ELO, FSN, PANASONIC, MITSUBISHI, OLYMPUS, & WIDE.

OutcomeMD and DrChrono EHR integration demo video: https://youtu.be/jnh7YPII080

About OutcomeMD
OutcomeMD is the first ever Outcome Management System. Focusing on tangible incentives for patients and clinicians, this software delivers a practical tool that rewards doctors, patients and institutions for collecting and utilizing patient reported outcome data to inform treatment decisions and dial in best practices. The outcomes, combined with EHR data and correlation algorithms, ultimately enable disease cure identification and predictive analytics across all medical conditions. www.outcomemd.com

About DrChrono
DrChrono focuses on bringing the medical practice of the future to reality; the company built the first iPad EHR. DrChrono creates the best electronic health record, practice management, medical billing and revenue cycle management experience for physicians and patients; the health platform was built for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and the web. The EHR includes customizable medical forms, e-prescribing, real-time patient eligibility checks, patient portal and more. The Healthcare App Directory offers a multitude of apps that a practice can select from to bundle in and a medical API for healthcare app developers. For more information about DrChrono, visit www.drchrono.com

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