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Holon Solutions awarded second U.S. patent this year targeted at solving healthcare interoperability

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | August 12, 2019 Health IT
ALPHARETTA, Ga., Aug. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Holon Solutions, healthcare's leading data liberator, announced today it has been awarded its second U.S. Patent (No. 15/796,397) this year. The patent is for Holon's event-triggering technology that works in concert with its sensor technology that was awarded a patent earlier this year. This synergistic combination surfaces only the most meaningful and actionable patient information for providers within any electronic health record (EHR), and from any third-party source, without the need for interfaces.

Both patented technologies empower Holon's CollaborNet® platform. The newest patent was awarded for technology that detects workflow events, such as a physician opening a patient chart or referral module in an EHR system. The technology then triggers Holon's recently patented sensors to surface care gap and other pre-determined information from third-party analytics platforms, portals, health information exchanges (HIEs), outside providers' EHRs, and any other data source connected to the provider's organization. While the technologies can surface data from multiple digital resources, it immediately presents only the most relevant information in an unobtrusive ribbon next to the electronic chart within the physician's workflow.

Combined, the technologies agnostically liberate data without the need for expensive, brittle and time-consuming point-to-point interfaces while empowering the collaboration needed for success under value-based contracts. Specifically, the event-triggering technology within CollaborNet saves the provider from logging-in to view patient information on third-party platforms because it automatically detects the provider's action, which then prompts the sensors to surface the data the physician wants to know about that patient at that moment.

"Our research and development teams have devoted countless hours to designing, testing and launching our two patented data-liberating technologies that are successfully being used by healthcare organizations around the country," said Robert Connely IV, Chief Strategy Officer of Holon Solutions. "That is part of the reason it is truly gratifying to receive these patents. We're also thrilled because we believe they both demonstrate to the market that we offer truly groundbreaking technology that solves numerous interoperability challenges healthcare providers face every day such as gaps in data, an overabundance of irrelevant information presented at the point-of-care, and the burden to manually search for meaningful, actionable information within their workflow. CollaborNet overcomes all these obstacles and we now have the patents and experience to prove it."

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