Intelerad introduces Odyssey Navigator, an AI workflow orchestrator

Intelerad introduces Odyssey Navigator, an AI workflow orchestrator

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | November 07, 2019 Health IT
Montreal, Canada – November 7, 2019 – Medical imaging service providers now can harness the power of artificial intelligence directly within their natural workflow by leveraging a new solution from Intelerad Medical Systems™, a leader in enterprise workflow solutions. Intelerad's Odyssey Navigator™ is a sophisticated, rule-based, AI workflow orchestrator that works in conjunction with Intelerad's Clario SmartWorklist™ and Odyssey™ clinical AI engine.

Odyssey Navigator uses custom criteria set by the enterprise to determine when cases are sent to the clinical AI engine for analysis. It offers rule-based configuration at the enterprise level, enabling providers to augment radiologist workflow when AI processing is desired, and to avoid incurring unnecessary costs when it is not. Criteria might include time of day, turnaround time thresholds, sub-specialist availability, or shift-based sensitivities.

"We are committed to encouraging and accelerating the adoption of clinical AI solutions in radiology by reducing challenges and removing barriers for our customers," said Chris Wood, Intelerad's Chief Technology Officer. "Odyssey Navigator is another innovative Intelerad technology solution that smartly integrates AI into the natural radiology workflow, providing a risk-free on-ramp for providers' transition to AI-augmented study interpretation. We are excited to demonstrate these technologies at RSNA 2019."


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Intelerad recently announced it secured and subsidized for its customer 12 months of trial use of the FDA-approved AI algorithms powering Odyssey's clinical AI engine. Connected via API, the engine analyses the images and automatically returns the findings to the worklist which then escalates the study to the radiologist's attention.

"The ability to make smart, context-sensitive decisions about what should go to AI and what shouldn't, in a consistent and automated way, is a ground-breaking capability to have," said Dr. Vikram Krishnasetty, MD, Vice President at Columbus Radiology Corporation and Chair of Clinical IT Board at Radiology Partners."The ability to have Clario SmartWorklist function as traffic controller keeps the radiologists' workflow as simple and streamlined as possible."

Intelerad introduces the new Odyssey Navigator orchestrator functionality just one year after adding Clario SmartWorklist to its extensive product portfolio through the acquisition of Clario Medical. This browser-based, zero-footprint worklist solution offers intelligent workflow features such as:

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