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How social determinants of health can enable value-based care

May 07, 2021
Health IT

Using SDOH to coordinate value-based care requires a comprehensive network connecting stakeholders (including the patient) across providers, payers, community organizations, mental health services, and government entities. The size of the network, though, is not what matters. Having 5,000 community service providers in one’s network isn’t as relevant as having the right one or two down the street from the patient in question. This network needs to include only the organizations and people that can best serve one’s patients and members.

VBBA allows payers and providers to deliver on the promise of personalized health management by connecting patients with a community resource ecosystem and by sharing SDOH data with stakeholders across the health and human services ecosystem to coordinate holistic, value-based care. The result will be better outcomes and lower healthcare costs.

About the author: Rahul Sharma is the CEO of HSBlox, which enables SDOH risk-stratification, care coordination and permissioned data sharing through its digital health platform.

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