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Three metrics that prove the value of a digital front door

August 01, 2022
Health IT

A Digital Front Door can provide patients with helpful e-health tools — including online booking and check-in and access to paperwork, charts, and test results — freeing up valuable personnel time that can be better spent elsewhere and driving more efficient workflows.

By tracking the number of appointment bookings and check-ins done online, you can easily calculate the total time saved by multiplying the average for each of these activities. As few as 10 online bookings per day could result in savings of nearly $400 each 7-day workweek based on the $5.60/call labor cost calculations above.

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Metric #2: Net new appointments booked online by new patients
Patients today have plenty of healthcare options, and thanks to the internet, it’s easier than ever for them to find the doctor or clinic that is most convenient for them. When a potential patient doesn’t find an available appointment at the first clinic they look at, they’re likely to move on to the next and never look back. And if healthcare providers aren’t scheduling, staffing, and allocating resources when and where they are most in-demand, they are leaving money on the table.

With a Digital Front Door platform, healthcare providers have access to more data on when people are searching for care and in what areas. This preponderance of data can help decision-makers know when it would be worthwhile to extend hours, reassign specialists to underserved clinics, or establish a new location. Knowing when telehealth requests for specialists are preferred can also help when deciding whether it's worth staffing on weekends or evenings, for example.

In addition to this, the data available through a Digital Front Door makes it possible to track asset utilization, including which specialists are underbooked or which tools and equipment are booked to capacity.

A data-driven strategy that includes a Digital Front Door makes it possible for healthcare providers to monitor how and when specialists and clinic resources are in high demand. Combining this with resource utilization data helps providers improve growth strategies by redirecting resources to underserved time frames or locations.

Better allocation of specialists and other healthcare resources means healthcare providers can take advantage of previously unanswered demand and open up new revenue streams. And by identifying and tracking the number of appointments made by new patients in a given period, healthcare providers can calculate exactly how successful their reallocation strategies are.

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