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Neurosurgery One in Littleton, Colorado treats first patient with ZAP-X gyroscopic radiosurgery

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | August 29, 2022 Alzheimers/Neurology Endoscopy Rad Oncology Operating Room

Being the first and only “vault-free” radiation delivery technology, ZAP-X also eliminates the long-standing practice of prolonged patient isolation in a two-to-three-million-pound concrete bunker during treatment. This pioneering approach also now allows the clinical team, and in some instances, family members to be adjacent to the patient during treatment, with the goal of creating a more comfortable and confident patient experience.

About ZAP Surgical Systems, Inc.
ZAP Surgical Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures the ZAP-X® Gyroscopic Radiosurgery® platform. ZAP was founded in 2014 by Dr. John R. Adler. In addition to being CEO of ZAP, Dr. Adler is Emeritus Dorothy & TK Chan Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiation Oncology at Stanford University. Dr. Adler is also renowned as the inventor of the CyberKnife® system and founder of Accuray, Inc. The ZAP-X platform incorporates a unique vault-free design that typically eliminates the need for costly shielded treatment rooms. ZAP-X also utilizes a modern linear accelerator to eliminate legacy use of Cobalt-60.

About Neurosurgery One
At Neurosurgery One, our entire team is committed to helping you achieve a higher quality of life. Our highly trained and experienced medical teams develop customized treatment plans using the most-advanced procedures and technology. We offer many types of minimally invasive spine and brain surgery to help you recover faster with less pain.

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