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MEDICA 2022 Background Report No.2 - Sports medicine leaders will meet for 10th MEDICA MEDICINE + SPORTS MEDICINE

Press releases may be edited for formatting or style | September 21, 2022 Business Affairs

Sport is vital for prevention – at work, in the hospital, in daily life

The pandemic has caused an alarming further decline in the athletic activity among a large part of the population. The importance of sports in prevention, health literacy and athletic activities at the workplace are therefore among the topics of the conference and will be presented on the afternoon of November 16. Prof. Dieter Leyk, head of the Research Group Epidemiology of Performance at the Sport University Cologne, will answer the question of how to motivate adults with a sedentary lifestyle to be more active. An "active" hospital, as presented by Prof. Johannes Zwerver, Sport & Exercise Medicine, University of Groningen, Netherlands, assesses patients' fitness levels upon admission, going into surgery and ideally after discharge at home.

Wearables as a key technology for evidence-based diagnostics

Wearables, technological items worn on the body, are regarded as a key to adapt medicine and sports to the individual. How well are we prepared for this development? According to PD Dr Moritz Schumann, Section Molecular and Cellular Sport Medicine at the Sport University Cologne, it is imperative that the dissemination and marketing in the health sector be accompanied by scientific research. Schumann is the co-coordinator of a network to establish internationally binding standards for wearable technology and his lecture will focus on evidence-based diagnostics and standards for the validation of wearables. In the following conference presentation on Thursday morning, Yannis Pitsiladis, professor at the University of Brighton and member of the Medical Commission of the International Olympic Committee, will show how professional sports is driving the use of wearables. Prof. Björn Eskofier, professor at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität in Erlangen-Nürnberg, will present the future roadmap for using technology in professional sports – from sensors to digital twins.

Continual measuring of blood sugar could revolutionize training

Many vital and performance parameters can be used to individualize training programs in elite sports. Continuous monitoring of glucose through smart patches has been used for a while in the medical field when treating diabetes. But today, it already has the potential to change training and diet plans completely: "Continuous glucose monitoring for everyone" is the title of the corresponding lecture by Dr Lutz Graumann, Rosenheim, who will test himself. In the following "Shark Tank", young entrepreneurs – similar to the TV show (known as "Höhle des Löwen" (Lion’s den) in Germany) – will compete against each other with digital innovations. Among them are 'Supersapiens' and 'Hello Inside' which successfully integrate apps based on continuous blood sugar monitoring into professional sports and daily life. Other contributions show digital markers for performance management, future technologies for soccer training and long distance running, as well as monitoring health via the voice.

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