GE HealthCare closes IMACTIS acquisition, launches interventional CT solution

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CT-Navigation was developed by IMACTIS and became part of the GE HealthCare portfolio of solutions upon close of the previously announced acquisition of the France-based company.

It is the result of more than a decade spent studying provider needs and designing a navigation system to improve safety, increase accuracy, and enhance the intervention workflow. The result is interactive imaging that enables:

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Improved intervention planning – The system is designed to show interventionalists the anticipated trajectory of their needles when they plan their intervention and help them select the best approach. It allows anatomical exploration and planning, while being in the room, close to the patient, using real-time images computed by the system, and can help reach the target and avoid critical structures and organs. Some users have experienced up to a 50% reduction in procedure time[ii],[iii].

Precision care – The system also provides interventionalists with real time 3D navigation during the intervention, allowing them to work faster and with greater precision as well as providing the information they need to deal with complex situations – like out-of-axial plane trajectory – and reduce the number of control scans which can potentially reduce dose to patients and interventionists.

Reduced variability – The workflow is simple, easy to learn, and works to reduce variability for simple and complex procedures and helps to improve reproducibility – a significant need reported by clinicians today. New users’ report that the learning curve is as low as only six to seven cases before gaining comfort with and confidence in the technology[iii],[iv].
CT-Navigation – which includes a mobile workstation, guidance software, and disposable procedure kit – is approved under the European Union’s Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) and has FDA clearance for use within the U.S. GE HealthCare is a leader in CT with a large install base and global scale, which provides significant opportunities for the adoption of CT-Navigation and enhanced practice of precision care at existing client sites.

Today, the innovative solution focuses solely on CT applications, but GE HealthCare plans to expand the technology to its image guided therapy (IGT) business in the near future – further advancing its clinical application and reach.

For more information on GE HealthCare’s CT-Navigation and related offerings, please read this article or visit Additionally, GE HealthCare is showcasing CT-Navigation at the European Conference on Interventional Oncology (ECIO) in Stockholm, Sweden.

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