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SpectronRx and RLS team up to give the radiopharmaceutical pipeline and supply chain a much-needed boost

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"Critical for patient care, some of the most effective radiopharmaceutical treatments are in limited supply," said SpectronRx President Anwer Rizvi. "On top of that, they are fragile and have extremely short half-lives. But thanks to this partnership with RLS, which is known for its ability to seamlessly deliver top-notch care to patients all over the country 24/7, 365 days a year through its large-scale network of manufacturing and distribution sites, patients and care providers will have reliable access without sacrificing quality or safety."

SpectronRx has three distinct specialties: Radiopharmaceutical Contract Development (rCDMO), Radiopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing (rCMO), and Isotope Production. As a rCDMO, SpectronRx offers drug development, quality assurance (QA) and regulatory services that help pharmaceutical companies get their therapeutic and diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals from conception to FDA and EMA approval much more quickly. And once a drug is approved and being sold, companies turn to SpectronRx's rCMO services to maximize their margin. The company also produces and manufactures rare medical radioisotopes like actinium-225.

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RLS, the nation's only accredited nuclear pharmacy group, owns and operates 31 radiopharmacies across 18 states, offering an extensive portfolio of molecular imaging products. The company endeavors to supply the highest quality radiopharmaceuticals in the industry by dispensing 100 percent of injectable unit dose products in clean rooms built to ISO 1644-1 specifications. In support of its commitment to quality, RLS provides tailored solutions and exceptional service to more than 1500 customers.

About SpectronRx
SpectronRx is a diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical developer and manufacturer with three distinct specialties: Radiopharmaceutical Contract Development (RCDMO), Radiopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing (RCMO), and Isotope Production. The company performs all scales of development, from initial conjugations through scale-up and commercial distribution. It also has the capacity to run clinical trials. Additionally, SpectronRx's deep industry knowledge, technical prowess and state-of-the-art facilities enable the company to significantly condense the timeline for bringing new medicines to market, which has the dual benefit of saving lives and driving greater profitability for clients.

With a large staff of radiochemists, radiopharmacists, scientists and engineers, dozens of qualified clean rooms, and over 140,000 sq. ft. of production space in Indiana, with additional facilities in Danbury, Connecticut and Europe, SpectronRx now supplies therapeutic and diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals to six continents. The company has been EMA and FDA inspected and can produce and procure any currently used radioisotopes, including actinium-225.

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