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DOTmed Certified Roger Hubred of HUB-MED Used His First Fetal Monitor on His Daughter 34 Years Ago

by Lynn Shapiro, Writer | September 17, 2008
Roger Hubred

As the owner/operator of HUB-MED--a DOTmed 100 company--and a medical equipment rental salesman to hospitals for many years, DOTmed Certified Roger Hubred has seen his share of technological advances.

For example, he sold fetal monitors from the beginning of his career, he says. And he helped perform something of a miracle when a new fetal monitor was brought into his wife's birthing room 34 years ago with the operating manual still sitting on top of the machine.

"No one knew how to operate the monitor. I taught the staff at the hospital how to use the product that day," Hubred says. "We needed the monitor because our baby was experiencing some stressful signs. When my wife went into contractions, she had decelerations of her heart rate with latent recovery, very scary. We found out later that our daughter had her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck three times. She survived the episode and is fine," Hubred says.

HUB-MED, located in Lakeville, MN, and started in 2002, specializes in refurbishing and selling monitoring systems for full intensive care/coronary care departments, multi-parameter monitors, anesthesia gas machines, anesthesia agent monitors, defibrillators, EKG machines, stress test systems--and of course, fetal monitors.

Hubred says he does business mainly with brokers, but also with physicians in the non-hospital market, and in some cases, with hospitals as well.

"The non-hospital market is growing," he says. "Physicians are recreating the hospital environment in their own surgery centers because they can make more money operating their own specialty clinics." He says he works with orthopedic surgeons who are doing just that.

Hubred adds that in the last couple of years, he has forged relationships with international clients in Dubai, India, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Africa, and South America as a result of his presence on DOTmed.

"I sell both refurbished and 'as is' equipment," Hubred says. "However, I prefer to sell equipment that is fully refurbished because I want to base HUB-MED's reputation on cleaned/processed, repaired, serviced, performance tested, and cosmetically enhanced equipment that is up to manufacturer specifications."

Hubred says he learned the intricacies of the medical equipment business while employed in the rental industry as an account manager, a branch manager, and then a national accounts manager for Narco Medical Services and Universal Hospital Services in Minnesota.

"You can sell products more effectively and successfully if you can demonstrate effective operation and [show your customers that you understand] the inner workings of the products," Hubred says.