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New Technologies Presented at the American Heart Association Meeting

by Lynn Shapiro, Writer | November 13, 2008

Improved Technology for STEMI Diagnosis and Management

There is increasing interest within the Emergency Room in managing STEMI often seen in the early stages of a heart attack. Incorporating new criteria based on recent scientific discoveries, the Philips DXL Algorithm's STEMI-CA criteria examines the lead distribution for ST elevation to identify the artery that is most likely to harbor an obstruction (the culprit artery). Patented ST Maps that show the spatial orientation of STEMI provide an easier perception of the ischemic areas. Using these data, clinicians can quickly decide which treatments are in order.

In addition to being available within the PageWriter TC70 cardiograph, the DXL Algorithm will also be integrated into additional Philips products to help improve diagnosis, Philips said.

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