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For DOTmed 100 Medical Imaging Resources Inc., Hard Times Mean Profits

by Lynn Shapiro, Writer | December 17, 2008

"Larger hospitals are seriously considering refurbished and reconditioned systems. Before they would only consider buying new," he says. As a result, "we are growing. "We've hired two new sales people in the past six months and are looking for a third. We've added dedicated IT and marketing people in the past three years. We have around 20 employees, including engineers and nine sales people."

A Voice on the Phone

"MIR is exclusively devoted to the medical imaging community, has excellent relationships with its customers, and offers support services that parallel what the OEMs offer," Rogers says. "Customers know us, we're not just a voice on the phone."

Speaking of phones, many of MIR's customers like to be put on hold, Rogers concedes. That's because while they're waiting for him to pick up their call, they can play Radiology Trivia.

For example: "What animal's heart was used in the world's first animal to human transplant?" a pleasant female voice asks. Answer: a baboon. "And what does the PET stand for in PET scanning?" Positron Emission Tomography is the answer. "And who is considered the father of nuclear medicine?" Oops, Rogers picks up the phone before this reporter can hear the answer.

"Could I be put back on hold for a minute, Jeff?" she asks. Answer: Marshall Brucer (1913-1994).

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