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1) Expired adhesive prompts recall of some Philips Respironics ventilator recalls

Could damage capacitors, potentially causing device to stop providing ventilation to the patient

2) Over 120 deaths, 21,000 MDRs associated with Philips recalled ventilators: FDA

Safety communication offers update on the issue

3) Masks and MR safety: researchers examine the risks

Color coding may help distinguish MR safe masks from ones with metal


Press Room

Beekley Medical awarded multi-year agreement with Vizient on full product catalog
December 09, 2022
Digital Therapeutics Alliance and Curebase release publication for a fit-for-purpose evidence standard for digital therapeutics
December 09, 2022
Capital Health and St. Francis receive approvals for transition of St. Francis to Capital Health
December 09, 2022
Olympus announces EMEA expansion of exclusive partnership with EndoClot Plus, Inc.
December 09, 2022
Sparrow to join U-M Health under proposed agreement
December 09, 2022
Ultromics receives FDA clearance for its breakthrough device EchoGo Heart Failure
December 09, 2022
Pediatric cancer researchers use AWS to accelerate Cancer Moonshot
December 09, 2022
ETS-Lindgren expands customer care and services department
December 09, 2022
Three healthcare providers agree to pay $22.5 million for alleged false claims to California’s Medicaid program
December 08, 2022
Texas Heart Medical Group is now The Texas Heart Institute Center for Cardiovascular Care
December 08, 2022

Risk Management

Over 70,000 clinicians used suboptimal EHRs, posing risk to patients from 2011 to 2015
Vendors paid settlements of over $379.8 million related to misrepresented capabilities
Sodexo and Ordr target HTM cybersecurity with combined platform
Number of connected devices are increasing, so are risks of breaches
OBL/ASC Start Up Package
OBL/ASC Start Up Package from Heritage Radiology
New Product Spotlight Sponsored
Overcrowded emergency departments compromise outcomes throughout hospitals
Patients are 5.4% more likely to die from any cause
Joint Commission issues 10 new practices for protecting patients against diagnostic errors
Each suggestion can be implemented within one to three years
Deceased vet's estate claims death was covered up, seeks $11 million from hospital
Died following event that left him with a brain injury
How hospitals can avoid dangers of deferred maintenance
Insight from Jim Burke, a vice president and senior risk consultant on Hub International’s Risk Services team
Oracle-Cerner EHR issues affect nearly 42,000 veterans, says VA
Have mailed letters to affected veterans
Errors and neglect lead to deaths at Chicago safety net hospital
At least 13 avoidable deaths since January 2020
New York hospital pays over $2.5 million for surgeon's unnecessary ICD procedures
Surgeries to replace ICD batteries exposed patients to risk
IBA, ScandiDos collaborate on quality and safety assurance in radiotherapy
Combining dose solutions, detectors and quality assurance software
Salem Hospital reports two 'radiation events', NRC issues notifications
One involved the misdelivery of a high dose-rate afterloader, the other involved incorrect length of a transfer tube
Leapfrog offers 29 recommendations to decrease diagnostic errors
Diagnostic errors cause 40,000 to 80,000 deaths annually
COVID-19 puts decade-long improvement in patient safety at risk
Adverse events significantly dropped due to more safety programs
Masks and MR safety: researchers examine the risks
Color coding may help distinguish MR safe masks from ones with metal
Foam degradation rare in Philips ventilators, mainly caused by cleaning products
Degradation was in less than 0.5%, ozone upped risk 14 times higher
Potential harm from faulty batteries leads to recall of over 4,000 GE ventilators
Company advising users with affected machines to keep the ventilators on main power whenever possible
Discussing new device sterilization standards
Q&A with Susan Klacik, clinical educator with IAHCSMM
University of Washington AI helps ambulances and ICUs weigh emergency risks and cost considerations
Calculates importance of variables and then makes recommendations