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GE HealthCare to add Ordr equipment monitoring to its CARESCAPE network

by John R. Fischer, Senior Reporter | January 11, 2023
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GE HealthCare is integrating Ordr's platform to help CARESCAPE Network providers better manage their connected device inventories and clinical assets. (Photo courtesy of GE HealthCare)
GE HealthCare is integrating Ordr's equipment monitoring platform into its CARESCAPE Network, enabling HTM teams and biomedical engineers to better manage their networks of connected medical devices.

Lack of visibility and accurate data on hospital devices along with challenges in locating solutions and troubleshooting performance are becoming worse as the healthcare system grows more complex, risking impairment to patient care.

Ordr’s platform provides visibility and feedback on device performance and utilization to biomedical and healthcare technology management teams. IT teams also use it to monitor network connectivity and performance and map device communication flows, while security teams can identify, prioritize and self-manage responses to vulnerabilities, threats or anomalies.

"Healthcare organizations are embracing initiatives like cloud, M&A, and telemedicine — all of which will extend hospital boundaries and healthcare devices outside of the traditional hospital boundaries. This increases the volume, variety and complexity of managing and securing connected devices," Ordr CEO Jim Hyman told HCB News.

The Ordr platform’s real-time visibility and automation of clinical asset inventories provides granular details, such as which devices are presently being used, hard-to-track patient data modules and the bedsides they’re connected to, and solutions not yet registered in asset inventory databases. This data can be integrated with existing CMS systems.

"With 6.7 vulnerabilities per medical device and 40% of medical devices running outdated operating systems, solutions like Ordr will continue to invest in simplifying vulnerability management and accelerating and scaling Zero Trust deployments," said Hyman.

The partnership is the first to be announced following GE HealthCare's spinoff as an independent company.

It also recently announced its first acquisition, that of IMACTIS, designer of a CT-based navigation system for interventional radiology.

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