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In the August issue of HealthCare Business News magazine we pay tribute to Ed Sloan Sr. A man who is widely regarded as the "godfather" of the independent medical equipment parts market. Ed's incredible career and personality have impacted many people in the industry. If you're one of them please share your story here.
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Philip F. Jacobus, DOTmed.com, Inc.

August 05, 2019

Ed and Don Bogutski and Philip Jacobus in Italy

Mark Bringolf, Oxford Instruments Service, LLC

August 12, 2019

Most talk about the incredible businessman Ed has been. I will tell you what great father and wisdom he imparted to me. I first met Ed in about 1991 when I had started my first company, CT Solutions. At the time my daughter was only 3 years old. We had many conversations about business, and kids. Ed told me one of the best things I could do for my daughter, was to show her how she should be treated. He said, take her on little dates, open the door for her, help her order, listen to her and have conversations, compliment her. Keep in mind she was only 3. I took this to heart and continued this to this day. She is now 30, married to a great guy, has a BSN, and given me 2 grandkids. At her wedding 6 years ago, i talked about this during my wedding speech. I cant tell you how many teary eyed grown men came up to me and said they are starting that right away with their girls. Ed, I paid it forward. Congratulations!

Kim Presley, Tri-Imaging

September 06, 2019

I grew up in this industry with Ed Sloan. He was the influential founder of the NASHVILLE STORY in our 3rd party parts and training market. I am blessed to know you, Ed (and Wanda Sloan). I could write a book of all of the fond memories but I am thankful most for his fatherly wisdom and mentor-ship. I appreciate him taking me under his wing, when I knew nothing about this business - and welcoming me so many years ago. I still consider many of that original team family. You are a big part of that!

Thank you,
Kim Presley Rowland

PS: Sharing a few photos through the years.