New Invasive Education Programs Delivered by Healthworks and Siemens

by Joan Trombetti, Writer | September 03, 2009
Healthworks and Siemens creating
new series of clinical education
and training resources for clinical and
technical specialists working
in surgical settings
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Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
Healthworks, Inc., a specialty healthcare services company, and Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. are collaborating to create a new series of clinical education and training resources for clinical and technical specialists working in surgical settings.

The programs will be available to Siemens customers online and through live, instructor led seminars, which are designed to assist individual surgical and imaging technologists and nursing professionals a better understanding of the fundamentals of x-ray, radiation protection and the science of both peripheral and digital subtraction angiography.

The joint effort will include the production of a number of web-based modules that can be accessed via Siemens Medical Academy, the company's online learning portal, as well as the creation and instructor-led clinical content that will offered by Healthworks' subject matter expert faculty onsite at a number of Siemens client locations. Factors behind these programs include the marketplace demand for this type of information, indicating that foundational imaging education is needed on an on-going basis.

"The significant commitment Siemens has made to helping educate healthcare professionals so they can perform safe and effective imaging procedures is evident by our collaboration," said Sandra Wolfe-Korejwo, President and CEO of Healthworks. She further noted that the timing of this project could not be better, especially in light of the findings reported in the a recent issue of the New England Journal of Medicine study detailing the high levels of ionizing radiation that many patients are being exposed to during diagnostic and invasive procedures.

According to Nanci Wozniak, Senior Director of Clinical Education Services for Siemens, "As a leading provider of imaging products that are being used in a variety multiple hospital settings, Siemens is dedicated to ensuring our customers understand the science behind the technology." Wozniak also explained that in today's healthcare climate, "providing customers with these types of education resources, as well as other tools specifically designed to improve healthcare worker and physician efficiency and effectiveness, remain paramount to quality patient care."

These new online education programs will appeal to all imaging an clinical specialists, regardless of the specific imaging equipment used in one's hospital, as the content of the courses are clinically based.

The onsite programs will be available to new and existing Siemens customers that use the company's Artis zeego line of angiography products.

Those interested in learning more about Siemens Education should contact the Siemens Clinical Education department at 1-888-221-8010 or visit online at

About Healthworks
Healthworks, Inc., is a private practice healthcare organization for clinical and technical specialists based in southeastern Pennsylvania.
The company, founded in 1997, offers specialty education services in the areas of invasive and non-invasive cardiology, electrophysiology, radiology and specialty nursing. In addition, the company provides specialty expert staffing services, including defined duration contracts and comprehensive departmental outsourcing, as well as consulting resources to hospitals.

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