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Struck Down by the New York City Transit Strike!

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | December 21, 2005
Your Marketing Insider is inside his home today -- and has been for the last few days, and could be for many more -- by the New York City Transit Strike.

Fortunately, I can "email it in," and I knew the strike might come and planned ahead by transferring important files from work to home.

So my message for this week is: "Be prepared to be flexible" in the event of any business disruption.

A lot of businesses are hurting in NYC, like the stores and restaurants, and are offering "special promotions" to lure people in.

Your business is probably different than retail, so what you would do in an emergency situation depends on your circumstances.

We know thousands of people along the Gulf Coast had few, if any, options dealing with hurricane Katrina -- that was a true disaster, the NYC strike is a pinprick in comparison.

But if there is business trouble brewing you can see coming, be proactive so you don't have to scramble and be reactive.