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Why Auctions Work For You

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | January 18, 2006
With new, low-cost commission, self-managed auctions coming to DOTmed soon, you're definitely going to want to see what they're all about.

While we work out the details over the next few weeks, here's some food for thought.

Why DOTmed Auctions Work For You:

1. We have the traffic - When you have more than one potential buyer for an item, you have the potential to do better. DOTmed now gets over 10,000 visitors day, and that's a huge number of potential buyers.

2. Prominent placement - Auctions on DOTmed are featured on our homepage, and always appear first in every equipment category, ahead of all classified listings. This better visibility means your system has a better chance to sell for a better price - faster.

3. The price is right - Even experienced resellers can have trouble pricing equipment. Through the auction process, buyers bid the price up to its "true market value" - so you never sell yourself short.

4. You win in the end - With our low-cost auctions, the small fee and commission are more than made up for by the speed your equipment can sell for, and "true market value" price your equipment brings.

You may not get the full service that DOTmed-Managed Auctions will continue to offer, but you will get a great new way to sell more and sell faster -- that can't be beat.