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The #1 Most Important Fact About Advertising -- Ever

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | January 24, 2006
What is the purpose of advertising? Most people would answer "To sell something." And they would be right.


The key questions is: Sell What? And When?

If it's a classified ad or an "on sale" ad, the "something" is a specific item. A computer. A used car. A used MRI.

Almost all other ads actually have another mission. And that mission is to create awareness and build awareness for a business or product. It's not to generate immediate sales. Its job is to get people to know you, remember you, and like what you do. And to generate a sale...someday...down the road.

That's a critically important mission to growing your business and building long-term sales.

Before people can do business with you, they have to know you're in business, and know what business you're in. That's creating awareness. And building your brand name.

This type of advertising can also have a second mission: Tell people "We're better because...."

So most advertising does this: It says "We're XYZ Sales, we sell Widgets, and we have more Widgets than anyone else."

Or, to give you two real-world examples:
"M&M Candies: They melt in your mouth, not in your hand."
"BMW: The Ultimate Driving Machine."

So if you advertise here on DOTmed or anywhere else, your advertising might make the phone ring 5 minutes from now, or 5 months from now, even 5 years from now.

If you don't advertise, don't sit and wait by the phone.