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The DOTmed
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by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | March 22, 2006
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We received many comments (none too happy comments, as you might expect) from our readers about the influence that CareCore National and companies like them have over determining who is a "preferred" provider when it comes free-standing imaging centers. Below are some samples of these responses:

"Do you really expect that small stand alone imaging centers have the ability to replace their million dollar MRI or CT scanners every 4 to 5 years ?? What about those systems that have been granted ACR accreditation? I wonder how the ACR will feel about being second-guessed about their determination.

This whole plan seems like it has manufacturers in the background in an effort to churn over more systems in private imaging centers."

Jim Foros

"It appears to me that some one wants to put "Used Medical Equipment Dealers" out of business. If Medicare has not adapted any blanket restrictions for aged equipment, they are going to be hard pressed to get clinics to just lay out money for new systems. It appears to me that someone can gain big time in selling new expensive equipment, if they (Care Core) can scare every one into that type of thinking. Five (5) year old equipment is not old equipment. I call this manipulation. What do you call it??"

Shepherd G. King, President
Independent Medical Equipment Consultants & Planners, Inc
La Quinta, California 92253

"In response to your letter concerning CARECORE....

* Did you realize that Blue Cross has hired CareCore to approve all physician and free standing imaging centers in ALABAMA? Please get a copy of the requirements for a free standing imaging center. For example, a minimum of a "four slice" CT.

* Did you realize CareCore had a 30 month contract which ended in Jan.,'06 with multi-slice Siemens' CTs?

Ummmm, when you read all of the requirements by Blue Cross/CareCore for the state of ALABAMA, it really makes one wonder...."

John Stringer

"What nonsense [having CareCore judge imaging centers]

We already have checks and balances in place for image quality. If the equipment does not meet current guidelines when tested by the state or physicist it has to [be] repaired or replaced. Now we have someone else to account to. This is shameful and a complete waste of time and money."

Greg Andrews

"CareCore is now the radiology benefits administrator for BCBS of Alabama. The latest equipment requirements for obtaining Preferred Radiology Provider are quite stringent regarding age of equipment. There also are no allowances written for older equipment that has been upgraded. I hope your optimism about CareCore's flexibility is justified. If not used and refurbished equipment market in Alabama will be extinct."

Hal Rogness
MD Imaging,Inc
625 Dekalb Industrial Way #110
Decatur, GA 30033

We thank these DOTmed Users for their comments, and we invite you to Send us your Comments any time about issues that impact your business and the used medical industry in general.

The DOTmed News Team