Collaborative to Speed Clinical Research and Reduce Costs

Collaborative to Speed Clinical Research and Reduce Costs

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* a statewide "Center for the Support of Clinical Terminology and Ontology Mapping" to oversee use of a common set of standards by participating institutions;
* deliver protocol modeling and patient selection services using data from multiple institutions;
* data aggregation and reporting capability to support the "one-stop shop" role of delivering analytical services spanning multiple institutions;
* deploy clinical software solutions that "wrap around" currently deployed EMR systems, where those systems will not accommodate the capture of data required for clinical research;

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* public education about the responsible use of personal clinical information for the treatment and cure of disease and for the development of new diagnostics, medications, and medical devices.

"Pfizer, Inc. remains deeply committed to the PACeR Collaborative as a novel means of advancing new therapies through the long and complex process of Clinical Development," said David Leventhal, Director, Healthcare Informatics at Pfizer, and PACeR Project Leadership Committee member. "We further view multi-stakeholder collaborations, like PACeR, as an important driver of research and development productivity that will ultimately bring important medicines to patients around the world."

PACeR will continue to engage the full range of stakeholders, including practicing physicians and patients who will be affected by, and will benefit from, PACeR.

"Oracle is committed to being part of PACeR's groundbreaking work aimed at creating a sustainable, electronic clinical research data network in New York to support more efficient and effective clinical trial participant recruitment," said Neil de Crescenzo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Health Sciences. "The group's Phase 1 findings confirm the feasibility of such a network and define a clear path forward. Oracle looks forward to continuing to work as part of PACeR to advance this important initiative."

Rebecca Kush, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer of the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC), stated, "As the leader of an organization that is dedicated to improving the clinical research process, I applaud the PACeR goals and efforts in this direction. I look forward to continuing as an advisor on this project and to potential synergies in the activities of PACeR and CDISC to provide innovative means for biopharmaceutical companies and medical centers to work together to better link research and care for the ultimate benefit of patients."

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