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What Moving Your Business Means To Your Marketing Effort

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | April 19, 2006
DOTmed has moved its offices to a new address in lower Manhattan.

So far the move has gone pretty smoothly because we planned carefully in advance.

Here are few things we learned that could help you someday:

1.)\tDouble and triple check with the post office that your new address actually works - once you print new stationary and all that stuff, you sure don't want to have to do it twice.

2.)\tLet all your customers know in advance of your move, do it by email and regular mail with a postcard - even though the post office will forward mail from your old address for a year, you don't want that "check in the mail" from a paying customer to get lost.

3.)\tLet your vendors know of your new address, and (don't hate me for this) tell the phone company and other utility companies.

4.)\tThink hard of others who should know, too, and of other places to change your address - we had to change ours in many place on our website and in our Trade Show listings.

5.)\tSince most people will pay attention to your Change of Address notice, put a sales pitch in it, but don't over do it.

There are other things you can do to help people remember your new address. If you don't have too big a customer base like DOTmed does - over 65,000 registered users worldwide - and it's cost-effective, you can send your customers a pen or mouse pad or some other little "gift" with your new address.

A new address is a fresh start, and usually a very positive change. So work it to your advantage.

(Psst...you should upgrade listing, by the way!)

See you next time.