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Reprinting PR About Your Company Is a Great Sales Tool

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | April 26, 2006
There's a famous saying about publicity, which is, "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

Sound a little extreme? Well let's take a look at a real-life example. Martha Stewart. Convicted of lying about insider trading. Does hard time in the big house. (OK, so she did soft time at Camp Cupcake - would you want to spend six months there?)

Did this bad PR ruin her? On the contrary, she is coming out fine.

So her "bad publicity" was, in the end, good.

The point is, when your name's in the news, people notice and remember you. So imagine how good "good" publicity is!

If your company shows up in a DOTmed News article, that's good publicity. And one of the best ways to leverage that free publicity is to let people know about it with a reprint. Otherwise people will tend to move on and forget about you. And when you say "As seen in DOTmed News," the story has real credibility, which is priceless.

DOTmed lets you reprint any story we may write about you. We even offer the services of a professional designer who will "dress up" your story so your reprints will look even better than the original story. Then you can send your reprint to potential new customers as an eye-catching sales tool.

We'll be putting a link here in DOTmed News very soon that will streamline the reprint process. But if you're interested now in reprinting a story that already ran, use the "Send us your Comments" to get the ball rolling.