TriMedx Foundation's "Mission on the Greens" fund raiser rakes in the "green"

September 28, 2011
The annual golf outing
is the Foundation's
major fund rasier.

TriMedx Foundation -- a nonprofit organization that helps hospitals in developing countries strengthen their healthcare delivery services -- raised more than $65,000 this past Monday during their "Mission on the Greens" charity golf event held at The Bridgewater Club in Carmel, Indiana.

A strong turn out
According to Mary Owens, Director of Development for the TriMedx Foundation, "We were thrilled that in this tough economy we sold out all 32 available foursomes. I think part of the great response was due to the efforts of all our sponsors, and in particular our title sponsor, AllParts Medical, and in part to the fact that this year for the first time we have a media partner in DOTmed."
Tim Moss, Executive Director,
TriMedx Foundation, addressing the
contributor-golfers from the clubhouse porch

It's all about helping people
The TriMedx Foundation mission is to answer the urgent call around the world for working medical equipment. They partner with mission hospitals that serve the impoverished in their communities by providing medical equipment repair and biomedical training of nationals to perform troubleshooting and repairs on broken equipment, and as a result, save lives.
(Pictured left to right)
Dave Mohme, Director Clinical
Engineering, TriMedx,
Phil Caponi, Project Manager, TriMedx,
and Phil Jacobus, President,
getting ready to tee it up

The TriMedx Foundation has been raising the standard of healthcare in impoverished communities for more than six years.

Working medical equipment means lives saved
All of the Foundation's volunteer technicians return with similar stories -- broken equipment pushed into the hall or thrown outside -- when the repair could be as simple as replacing a blown fuse.

Hospitals in developing countries almost always lack the expertise needed to repair and maintain biomedical equipment and sometimes lack the training to use the equipment properly. Moreover, equipment is often donated without user and maintenance manuals included. The ability to obtain replacement parts and supplies is also limited, if not impossible, rendering the equipment donation useless. TriMedx Foundation is committed to reversing that trend.
(Pictured left to right:)
TriMedx associates Mike Kintner,
James Jernigan, Ronda McClurg
and Debbie Ullom.

Want to learn more and help?
If you'd like more information or would like to donate your time, money, or equipment, please contact the TriMedx Foundation at:
Phone: 866-855-2580

The TriMedx Foundation, a 501c3 organization, has already helped thousands of men, women and children have hope, health, and live better lives. With your support, the Foundation can help thousands more.

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