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Gooooooogle and DOTmed

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | May 03, 2006
Try this eye-opening test: go to Google and search for "used medical equipment."

Try it right now. You'll find that DOTmed.com comes up among the first three returns every time. Every day. Every week. Any time.

That's great news if you're a DOTmed registered user, because that drives thousands of buyers to our site every day. Day after day.

Google is the #1 search engine on the Internet. And those great results bring DOTmed outstanding credibility - and traffic.

We now get 10,000 to 12,000 visitors every day, or more than 300,000 per month. That's a big number of highly qualified buyers.

Now here's the thing. About 70% of the buyers who visit DOTmed are unregistered guests. They are visitors looking to buy - many are private doctors, buyers from large and small healthcare facilities, and so on. But these thousands of unregistered guests cannot contact you - unless you have upgraded your listings to Option E.

Try this yourself, too. Logout from DOTmed and click any listing that is not an Option E "Premium" listing. You will see you have to be registered to send an email to the owner of this listing.

Now many of these guests do become registered users. In fact, we're adding over 1,000 new registered users every month.

But the moral to the story: If you seriously want to sell on the serious used medical equipment website, get your listings upgraded to Option E - it's only $55/month, and one upgrade upgrades ALL your listings for evermore. And anyone who visits DOTmed can email to you.

We've got our mojo working with Google. Get your mojo going on DOTmed. Think about upgrading to Option E.