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How To Run A "Commission-Free" Auction on DOTmed

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | May 09, 2006
We now have low cost Self-Managed Auctions on DOTmed. They have a small one-time set-up fee, and low commissions rates.

The best thing about auctioning on DOTmed is that auctions are the most prominently featured items on our site. They are featured on our homepage, they are listed first in their appropriate equipment category, are featured in DOTmed News in our "Just Posted" Listings, and they are featured in DOTmed Alerts. Auctions also help find the true market value for anything you sell.

Who Should Use This Option:
If you have experience auctioning online, if you have the time to deal with bidders' questions, and can help handle the shipping and deinstallation - if necessary - DOTmed Self-Managed Auctions can work for you.

How Can Your Run A Self-Managed Auction "Commission" Free?
When you sell anything on DOTmed, you have a good idea what you want to get for it. Call it your minimum selling price. That would be your Reserve Price when running a Self-Managed Auction. To run the auction "commission-free" figure out what the commission would be if it sold for your Reserve Price. Then add that amount to the Reserve Price. When it sells, that amount you added covers the commission price. If it sells for an even higher price, you make even more, even with the small additional commission.

Try it yourself. Go here here to learn about auctioning on DOTmed, and experiment with a Self-Managed Auction. Once you succeed, you'll be sold on auctioning as your best selling tool.