Vitera Healthcare Solutions Survey: Healthcare Professionals Consider ICD-10 the Most Impactful Issue Their Practices Currently

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Other key findings include:

* Fifty three percent of those surveyed cited the practice manager as the head of the ICD-10 conversion project, whereas 23 percent cited the billing manager as the project leader. Billing managers are more likely to lead the project in large practices.

* When it comes to Practice Management software, 59 percent of respondents will upgrade their existing tool or purchase new Practice Management or clinical/financial software to meet ICD-10 requirements.

* Thirty nine percent of respondents currently have a certified coder on staff in their practice. Of those not using a clinical coder, only 2 percent are planning to hire a certified coder.

* Seventy nine percent of respondents with coders on staff plan to recertify them for ICD-10.

"The industry is undergoing major shifts that are changing the way things are done in healthcare," said Hawkins. "As a vendor, we communicate with physicians on a daily basis and we are learning that most practices understand the value of the transition and want to adapt - even if it is a matter of concern."

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