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This Is A Limited Time Offer!!!

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | May 31, 2006
Ever wonder why some stores have a "One Day Only Sale"? Why not a "Five Day Sale"? Or why some fast food restaurants offer their "New Tangy St. Louis B-B-Q Burger" for a "limited time only"? I mean, if the burger is good, why not put it on the menu permanently?

It's all about motivating buyers to "Buy Now!"

A limited time offer can often move the skeptic and procrastinator from prospect to customer. Because putting a drop dead date on an offer frequently will move that hesitant person to action. If there is only a short time to take advantage of a special opportunity - often you will enjoy more response.

People will do something vs. doing nothing. Rather than wait until they feel good, are more comfortable ... whatever "excuse" they were thinking ... they move. In essence, a limited time offer will entice your prospect into action for fear of losing this unique opportunity. You have to give them a reason to buy your product, and a time constraint could just be the little extra motivator you might need to get your prospects over that decision-making hump.

Now, the used medical equipment business isn't exactly retail, and I know DOTmed Users have diverse businesses. But if you look at what you do and how you do, you'll probably find ways to create and promote a limited time offer that can motivate your customers or clients to "act now."

The other good thing about this approach is that it gives you something new and fresh to talk about. Business as usual can get really routine. But a special offer always has a special excitement about it - and it gives you a new reason to contact your customer base.

So take some time to see if "time pressure" can work for you. And speaking of "limited time," mine's up right now!