Special report: Infusion pumps enter the age of integration

by Diana Bradley, Staff Writer | July 13, 2012
From the July 2012 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

KLAS’ report notes that EMR integration with auto-programming would help eliminate such errors, and wireless technology can supply providers with information, enabling them to improve how they administer IVs.

Complications and skeptics
Although the advantages of the integrated EMR model are evident, KLAS’ report indicated the complexity of the setup deters many. Part of the issue boils down to the fact that without the proper infrastructure, a hospital cannot support the pumps, and achieving wireless integration and device interoperability can prove a significant challenge. A great deal of coordination is required between EMR users, IT, clinical analysts and other team members, often involving changes to existing technology infrastructure, workflow and clinician behavior.

B. Braun Outlook

“It’s a complicated project to undertake, involving a lot of connections between systems and people within an organization,” B. Braun’s Melanson says. “The changes require a team approach and the requirements and implications to each area need to be carefully thought out and understood.”

Another reason for the slow uptake is that there currently isn’t enough data to confirm the initial installs are paying off, and, according to Ferguson, with just the pump manufacturers and their health information systems’ partners touting the benefits, there is skepticism about the overall impact.

“[Manufacturers must offer it] at a price and simplicity of installation such that the hospital can readily recognize a return on its investment, quickly,” he explains.

But in the coming years, as the number of devices that can be integrated increases, and facilities come under greater cost and patient care pressures, Ferguson believes the skepticism will fade away.

“The expanded benefit of 24/7 wireless connectivity in the real world patient care continuum is beginning to be more understood by administrators and clinicians who historically have connected only for library updates and reports,” adds Melanson.

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Dan Sechrist, Integrated Medical Systems, IL
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