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Tips from the experts: MRI coils

September 26, 2012
From the September 2012 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
5 tips to keep your business from unraveling

  1. Saving money:
    Depending on the company you’re dealing with, it might make sense to offer anonymous imaging-datasets to the coil builder for marketing purposes. A discount may be offered in return.

  2. Coil selection:
    Aim to purchase the best quality, most suitable coils for your specific imaging needs. This provides some future-proofing. In coil selection, go by the MR usercommunity’s experience, not by lowest price, or hype.

  3. Safety:
    Look for a company that includes fuses in their coils, especially in receive-only array. If any other coil safety features fail, a fuse is a reliable and effective way of preventing actual harm to the patient.

  4. Sterilization:
    Train your personnel in how to properly handle MRI coil sterilization. It is common for coils to be inappropriately submerged in liquid, for example.

  5. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines:
    MRI Coils are in physical daily use at most facilities and, as such, are prone to normal wear and tear issues. Common wear and tear points include latches, pads, cables and connectors. Care in handling, proper use and storage according to the manufacturer’s guidelines are key to preserving and extending the service life of any coil.

Tips courtesy of: Daniel Gareis, product manager at NORAS MRI products GmbH, George Smith, technical operations manager for Medrad, Inc., and Gabor Mizsei, chief technology officer at MR Instruments.

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