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Get DOTmed Certified and Get More Business

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | June 07, 2006

When people come to DOTmed to buy equipment, especially if they've never dealt with you before, they're probably going to say to themselves, "Is this a reputable company?"

If they've never sold to you before either, they'll ask the same question, because they want to get paid on time.

That's true of long-time DOTmed Users, and especially of first-timers. And since we get over 10,000 visitors every day, many people are going to wonder how reputable you are.

Well there's a great way to instantly assure people your business ethics are excellent - get DOTmed Certified.

The DOTmed Certified Designation is a badge of honor and a symbol of high ethical standards. That's why we created it, and that's why you should get it.

Certification is free, and OK, it takes a little effort. But the payoff can be tremendous. It will almost certainly lead to more business and increased references from satisfied customers.

It creates an immediate level of trust and confidence between you and people who see it. What's also interesting is, people who get it tend to protect it, because they see it has real business value.

The DOTmed Certified designation is automatically displayed in all your equipment for sale listings, and in all your Services Directory listings.

Your name will also appear in the DOTmed News Weekly under "People & Companies" as Newly Certified.

DOTmed is the world's leading used medical equipment marketplace. It's where buyers and sellers meet. And when they meet you, if you're DOTmed Certified, even if they've never heard of you, they'll instantly feel they can trust you.