" /> Find Out Where Your Website Traffic Ranks at <b>"Alexa.com"</b>

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Find Out Where Your Website Traffic Ranks at "Alexa.com"

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | June 21, 2006
Selling on the Internet is all about driving traffic to your website.

More visitors = more sales.

There are many ways to build traffic - we'll talk about that next week - but how would you like to see - right now -- where your website ranks among the more than 46 million that are on the Internet?

Then click here and go to Alexa.com. It's a non-biased, website traffic-ranking service run by Amazon.com

When you get there, right under the name Alexa, there are three links - click on the middle one, "Traffic Rankings." In the box, type your web address and hit "Get Traffic Details."

If you type "google.com" it comes up #2. If you type "ccn.com" it comes up #25. If you type bbc.com it comes up #4,209".

Be prepared for your website to be down around 2,000,000th or 3,000,000th. If you're higher than 500,000th you should feel pretty good about yourself.

I checked "dotmed.com" this morning, and we came up #67,325. That's pretty high up there and I believe it makes us just about #1 for used medical equipment websites.

You might want to compare your website traffic to DOTmed's. I think you'll see it's good you're part of DOTmed, and why all our paid services offer excellent value. It's because we put your equipment for sale, or your Targeted Text Ads, or your job openings in front of more faces than any site like us.

We get over 11,000 unique visitors every day. And that number is growing. As is the number of Registered Users we have - that's approaching 70,000, and soon will be over 100,000.

So if you want to sell more, be on the website where more buyers go. In fact, you're already here: DOTmed.com