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Greg Strowig talks about his new position at TeraMedica

by Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor | February 28, 2013
Greg Strowig
After serving as vice president of client services for vendor neutral architecture company TeraMedica, Greg Strowig has been promoted to COO. DOTmed News spoke with Strowig about his new position and the HIT industry.

DMN: How long have you been working in the industry?
GS: Approximately 25 years.

DMN: What are the specific areas in your field that you are focused on?
GS: In the past, I worked with managed care, blood-based pharma, and provider organizations leading large-scale business transformation projects. Currently, I am focused on enterprise software solutions for patient-focused clinical content, such as traditional medical images, clinical photos, documents, treatment plans, video and sound.

DMN: What are your goals as COO for TeraMedica?
GS: TeraMedica has expanded into EMEA [Europe, the Middle East and Africa] and is experiencing high demand for its products. Throughout this tremendous growth, we must continue our industry leadership, product excellence, and customer focus. I hope to assist in both the growth of our markets as well as lead us through the internal changes that must accommodate this.

DMN: What excites you most about the industry these days?
GS: There is a great deal of change in health care that focuses on sharing information across entities and even with patients. This change will hopefully deliver more on the promise of "patient focused care" which we've all been talking about for twenty years. As well, standards are evolving quickly to accommodate the needs in healthcare, thus I am excited about the possibility of not repeating the mistakes of the industry's past -- proprietary solutions that don't work together. TeraMedica has evolved from a concept in 2001 to a market category leader today and there is an exciting future for vendor neutral architectures, like ours, to support patient-centric information, shared across entities by utilizing standards-based interfaces.

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