Your Control Panel To Everything You Do." /> Visit "My DOTmed" - It's <i>Your</i> Control Panel To Everything You Do.

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Visit "My DOTmed" - It's Your Control Panel To Everything You Do.

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | June 28, 2006

"My DOTmed" - it's the green link in the upper right hand corner of our homepage, and it's also on every page - is your link to your personal DOTmed Control Panel.

Here is what you find there:

*\tMy Listings
*\tPost a Listing
*\tMy Auctions
*\tPost an Auction
*\tMy Services Directory
*\tUpgrade Me!

*\tMy Targeted Text Ads
*\tMy DOTmed WebStore
*\tMy Website

My Account
*\tModify My Personal Information
*\tModify My Password
*\tModify My Email Address
*\tMy Billing Information
*\tGet DOTmed Certified

Time Savers
*\tMy Email
*\tMy Address Book
*\tMy Alerts
*\tMy Bookmarks

Power Users
*\tMy Discount Package

DOTmed Stats

You can:
- Check all your 'For Sale' and 'Wanted' postings
- Update your User information
- Edit your Services Directory information and category listings
- Add 'Sell Text' to your WebStore and email your WebStore to customer
- ...And do a whole lot more!

I strongly recommend you visit "My DOTmed" today and check on the status of all your activities.

Keeping your "My DOTmed" up-to-date is the best way to make sure you're getting all the benefits of being a registered user.