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Reuven Soraya talks about his new job at Claron

by Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor | April 25, 2013
Reuven Soraya
Earlier this month, Claron Technology, a maker of medical imaging viewers and other products, announced the appointment of Reuven Soraya as vice president of sales and marketing. He spoke with DOTmed News about his new job.

DMN: What's your background?
RS: I have been in both the medical imaging industry (for about 10 years) in engineering and product management for (including responsibility for 3D and diagnostic workstation), and in the high performance graphics for mobile and PC market. My team presided over the introduction of 3D graphics in the mobile industry; we have taken this business from inception to over 70 percent market share in less than five years. I have a deep working knowledge and record in international markets, particularly in Asia (Japan, Singapore and greater China), and of course in the USA and Europe as well. My experience spans OEMs all the way to consumers through channel management.

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DMN: How long have you been working in the industry?
RS: I have been working in the medical industry for about 10 years (though most recent
work experience was in the mobile and graphics markets)

DMN: What are your goals as VP of sales and marketing at Claron Technology?
RS: Claron Technology is the best kept secret in the medical imaging industry! Claron has assembled an impressive array of IPs and technologies. My job is to unveil this secret (in a manner of speaking). Claron's products span the spectrum of medical imaging: from advanced visualization platforms (on top of which one can build turnkey applications quickly) to products for enterprise wide imaging, and products for surgical navigation. Claron products are embedded in OEM's turnkey products and operate in over 10,000 clinical sites (another example of the best kept secret). It is unprecedented that a company the size of Claron has this breadth of products and customer trust. I will be working to expand the reach the our turnkey products: Nil for enterprise imaging, and our surgical navigation for ENT and dental - through OEM partners, VARs and the channel.

DMN: What excites you most about the industry these days?
RS: I think the industry is ripe for a change. For example, I find it astounding that we can view practically any place on earth (say through Google Earth) on any device, through any browser (without installing any software) -- yet a referring physician can't see the images of her patient. The other thing is that providers, doctors, and surgeons look more for solutions that melt into their workflow, rather than products with a pile of features that often interfere with the delivery of care -- and as such left unused (or under used). We at Claron love this common sense approach - because it is our DNA.

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