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Want More Sales? Get Good Testimonials!

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | July 05, 2006
Testimonials are an old-fashioned marketing tool. And even in this modern, Internet-driven, high-technology age, they're still an excellent marketing tool and hard to beat when done right.

When someone tells you "These people are really good to business with," or "I'm very happy with their service" you're much more likely to do business with them yourself.

There are three things to be mindful of when getting testimonials:

1.) Make sure what a testimonial says is credible - it shouldn't be too praiseworthy, or people will not believe it. It also should not be lukewarm.

2.) ALWAYS get permission to print the person's full name and company name with the testimonial - never use: "from -- A.G in Chicago" or anything like that, it smells really suspicious. If you can't sign a testimonial with something like this: "-- Alan Gould, Alphatex, Inc., Chicago, IL" don't use it. Your prospects should be able, if they want to, to call the person who gave you the testimonial and confirm it.

3.) Get testimonials from the best-known companies or people you can - when someone people consider impressive gives your business the "thumbs-up," it carries the most weight.

Finally, you're going to have to ask for testimonials. Yes, occasionally someone might write you about how you "saved the day," and you should certainly use these opportunities. But asking for testimonials on a regular basis is the best way to get the boost your business -- and sales -- need.