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Denise Byers talks about her new job at Medxcel

by Loren Bonner, DOTmed News Online Editor | June 12, 2013
Denise Byers
Medxcel, the holding company that owns Trimedx and others, hired supply chain industry veteran Denise Byers as vice president of global value chain. DOTmed News spoke with Byers to learn more about Medxcel and her role in helping grow the health care services company.

DMN: Tell me a little bit about your background and how it informs what you are hoping to do in your new role.
DB: The majority of my career has been spent in global supply chain. Over the years I have been responsible for the purchase of everything from titanium castings to printed circuit boards to a wide variety of services all over the world. I've had the great fortune of working for industry leaders whose foundations are built on best practices and a culture of continuous improvement. I will draw upon experiences from prior roles to be an active influencer in health care's transformation. Health care has an opportunity to benefit from industries that have gone, or transformed, before them such as the automotive industry. Because of lessons learned and the subsequent development of best practices, health care is in the unique position to build upon current best practices and evolve them to deliver greater value to the patient faster. It is interesting to note that Medxcel is very progressive; my title is not the Vice President of Global Supply Chain but rather the Vice President of Global Value Chain; the next level of supply chain excellence.

DMN: What kinds of supply chain industries have you worked for?
DB: The majority of my supply chain career has been spent in the automotive and medical device industries with Ford Motor Company, Eaton Corporation and Medtronic.

DMN: What are the services you provide at Medxcel?
DB: Medxcel, a growing family of health technology service organizations including TriMedx, TriMedx International, Axess Ultrasound and eProtex, enables health care providers to deliver superior patient care while maximizing their health technology assets and minimizing expenses. Each day, Medxcel companies deliver unmatched value to customers ranging from vast U.S.-based health care systems to poverty-stricken mission hospitals in developing nations where functioning medical equipment is a rare commodity. Compassion and innovation drive all that we do-a reflection of our health care roots and values.

DMN: How do you plan to expand your offering model?
DB: One of the reasons Medxcel CEO Greg Ranger hired me is because I have best practices experience with industries that have already experienced significant transformation versus hiring a health care industry veteran. Foundations of "best practices" transcend industries and if you have never worked in industries with "best practices" how do you know what you don't know? It is clear health care is in transition and it must incorporate best practices in order to remain cost effective so that it may serve patients, providing the highest level of care possible to all, especially to those who can least afford it. My role is to partner with my colleagues, taking an active role in finding additional ways to expand our product offering to increase our value to our global customers.

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