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Education at the University of Mississippi Medical Center

by Michael Johns, Project Manager | July 17, 2006
The University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson is the health sciences campus of the University of Mississippi.

It houses Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Health Related Professions, Dentistry and Graduate Studies in the Health Sciences; the University Hospitals and Clinics; and the Rowland Medical Library.

Department of Hospital Education
The Department of Hospital Education is dedicated to promoting excellence in health care, by providing education and resources supporting UMC's threefold mission of patient care, clinical teaching, and clinical research.

In addition to providing a clear outline for students and faculty, the hospital offers programs for the Staff, the patients, and the community.

To review this formalized education program outline, go to Hospital Education at the University of Mississippi Medical Center

Continuing Education
To see how the how the Medicla Center educates doctors and healthcare professionals, review the material below and be sure to go to the website as well.

Outside Funds
Medical Center grants and contracts from outside agencies totaled more than $19 million in 1999-2000. These sponsored programs fund: preceptorship training for medical students at sites in rural Mississippi; programs to help increase the number of minority health professionals; research on cardiac output; the mechanisms of hypertension; the immune system; factors that increase our risk for heart attack and stroke; the targeting of underserved rural areas with health professionals; and a science mentorship program, called Base Pair, for public high school students. The Jackson Heart Study -- a cooperative project of the Medical Center, Tougaloo College and Jackson State University -- is the largest study of cardiovascular disease in African-Americans ever undertaken in the nation and will involve 6,500 area residents. The ACT (A Comprehensive Tobacco) Center is a tobacco treatment and research center at Jackson Medical Mall which was funded by a grant from the nonprofit Partnership for a Healthy Mississippi to the Medical Center.

Students and Faculty
Total fall enrollment in 1999-2000 was 1780. Medical students numbered 378; 119 were dental students; 322 were nursing students; 316 were in health related professions; 146 were in the graduate programs; 453 were in post-graduate education, internships or fellowships; and 46 were in certificate training programs. Mississippi residents made up 84 percent of the student body. Thirty-two U.S. states and 34 foreign countries were represented in the remaining 16 percent of enrollment. Currently, the faculty totals 736.

The Continuing Education at The University of Mississippi Medical Center