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Special report: Radiation therapy on trial

by Nancy Ryerson, Staff Writer | September 30, 2013
From the September 2013 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

“As of now, you can make changes to a plan before and after the treatment, but it still takes typically on the order of at least minutes to re-plan” says Goldwein. “If you see a change, your options are to turn the beam off and wait until the anatomy returns to the planned positions, or move the beam or the patient, but an option today is not to completely build a plan on the fly. That option will come with more robust treatment planning.”

He says that the next Gamma Knife will also include image guidance for the first time.

Experts predict that future radiotherapy patients will also spend less time receiving treatments, no matter the disease. Fewer, more intense fractionations will become the norm, Goldwein says.

As in all of health care, radiation therapy is moving towards more patient-centered, catered treatment. Goldwein cites the growing use of informatics in radiation therapy as one of the most important advances that will help the treatments get there.

“You’ll combine image-guided treatment with informatics from registries and your own systems that will allow you to select the most appropriate treatment for the patient,” he says. “If you asked me what the largest contribution worldwide to improvement in patient care will be, it’s the informatics side.”

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DOTmed Registered Radiation therapy (Linear accelerator, gamma knife, proton beam) - September 2013 Companies

Names in boldface are Premium Listings.

Rick Marshall, Accelerator Service and Parts, AZ
John Vano, Radiology Oncology Systems, CA
DOTmed Certified
Michael Teague, ROS, CA
DOTmed Certified
David Band, Oxford Instrument Service, FL
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed 100
Richard Ellis, TOG, GA
Ian Shaw, Elekta, GA
Greg Kramer, C&G Technologies, IN
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed 100
Dave Powers, Acceletronics, MI
Kenneth Wolff, RS&A, NC
Ronald Drake, Oncology Services International, NY
Dana Foster, Radiation Protection Technologies, OH

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