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Attention Potential Advertisers! Check our Ad [Stats]

by Robert Garment, Executive Editor | July 18, 2006
With more and more DOTmed users taking advantage of DOTmed's high traffic - over 11,000 unique visitors a day - and 100% on-target demographics, you may be thinking of advertising on DOTmed.

I have one word for you: [stats]

You'll find a [stats] box in the lower right corner of every Targeted Text Ad running on DOTmed. When you run your mouse over it, it shows you:
1. The number of times that ad was displayed, or viewed.
2. The number of times people clicked on the ad and visited the advertiser's website or Services Directory listing - that link is the choice of the advertiser.

Try it. Check the [stats] of several different ads. You'll find two things: Targeted Text Ads get a huge number of views, and a large number of clicks.

The [stats] for any given ad depend in large part to the length of time the ad has run and the number of categories it is displayed in - that information is not yet available, but we're working on it.

I can tell you one thing: the number of advertisers on DOTmed has shot up over the last 12 months, so most ads have been running for less than a year.

The [stats] info is most valuable to the actual advertiser, because it shows you exactly how much "awareness" the ad has generated - that's the "times displayed" and the potential direct sales it has generated - that's the "times visited."

Bottom line is this: advertising on DOTmed delivers bigger numbers for a small investment compared to any other media.

If you're interested in advertising or finding out more about our Power User Discounts, please call the DOTmed Help Desk at 212-742-1200 Ext.296 for live assistance.

[stats] all folks!