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Special report: Mobile medical services allow for seamless business

by Nancy Ryerson, Staff Writer | December 31, 2013
From the December 2013 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine

Shared Imaging’s Siebs feels that CMS reimbursement for low-dose lung CT scans will need to be in place before lung cancer screenings in mobiles could really become popular.

“The amount that the patient or even a payer would be willing to pay for that, versus the cost you would have to provide that at, makes it a difficult one to have any margin associated with. I don’t see that taking off,” says Siebs.

A more flexible future
In a way, mobile services have found a way to do well in a variety of economies, whether they’re providing service for facilities that can’t afford a long-term install in troubled times, or helping out hospitals that are in the process of upgrading in more prosperous seasons. Companies are optimistic about the way the Affordable Care Act will impact their segment, as well.

With the stronger emphasis on patient care over financial goals, Siebs predicts that some facilities may even opt for permanently flexible solutions.

“They’re going to be looking at their satellite services, looking for the right services to support their patients,” says Siebs. “Bolting them down doesn’t always make sense. With the changes that are going on in health care, it’s going to be probable that I’ll have to move that asset within my network. Putting them in a trailer, putting them in a modular building is going to make sense.”

DOTmed Registered Mobile Service Providers - December 2013 Companies

Names in boldface are Premium Listings.
Frank Smisek, Field MRI Services, Inc, GA
Michael Hardesty, Advanced Mobility Specialty Vehicles, IL
DOTmed Certified
Todd King, KING Equipment Services, Inc, IL
DOTmed Certified
Wes Solmos, Creative Foam Medical Systems, IN
DOTmed Certified
Mark Koers, Modular Devices Inc., IN
Paul Zahn, Shared Medical Services, Inc., WI
DOTmed Certified
DOTmed 100

Giuseppe Bettini, Radiological Service srl, Italy
Abdulatif Shlash, Shlash Medico, Syria

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