More bang for your buck: CR/DR

February 01, 2014
From the January/February 2014 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
Six medical equipment insiders offer their tips on how you can get more bang-for-your-buck from your CR and DR equipment.

“Protect the detector! It’s the most expensive and fragile component,” says John Daniels with Radon Medical Imaging Corp. “Always take precautionary measures such as using protective bagging when transporting a remote detector.”

“Consider what companies are going to be here in five to seven years as the new age of health care is upon us, “ says Rob Muzzio of GXC Imaging. “What companies focus on their product, manufacture it and don’t second source their solutions? What is the quality and depth of the service organization?”
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“Monitor your image quality and determine if your radiation dose to the patient is below the national average by utilizing a test phantom,” says Steve Arey, BEST of Rowan, LLC.

One item for CR is the phosphor plates and cassettes. They are prone to damage. Scratches, dirt, etc., says Sal Aidone with Deccaid Services, Inc. “This reduces the quality of the images they produce. A budget should be in place for checkout, repair and or replacement, to keep the quality of the images up to par.”

“Encourage regular preventative maintenance on DR systems and maintain service contracts to decrease costs over the life of the equipment,” says Jill Wachter with Swissray International, Inc.

“Beware of pre-staged site visits or demos – it’s easy today to take a great digital X-ray. The real test is how reproducible the results are,” says Ron Viola with First Source Inc. “It shouldn’t take extraordinary effort for extraordinary results.”

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