More bang for your buck: OR Suites

March 01, 2014
From the March 2014 issue of HealthCare Business News magazine
Based on DJ Sullivan Healthcare Consulting data, each empty, but open operating room suite costs an estimated average of $1,000 per hour, making it the most expensive real estate in most hospitals. Since it’s so costly, there is a great need to maintain all of the equipment inside of the room, keeping it ready for when it’s needed and getting the most out of it when it’s used. Experts spoke with DOTmed HealthCare Business News about the different ways to care for your operating room equipment.

Carry out proper training
“Understand proper care and handling procedures and the training of existing and new personnel responsible for up keep of OR equipment,” says Zaka Campos of Inversiones CFM. “Only use certified professionals for repair work.”

“Schedule a training session with the manufacturer/dealer to provide an in-service with the unit and train users regarding proper use,” says Tom Tottleben of TSC Inc.

With a little preventative maintenance, you can ensure that your equipment will always operate at its best
“Like visiting your doctor to prevent bigger health issues like high blood pressure leading to a heart attack, providing periodic maintenance in routine intervals helps prevent major equipment failures,” says Kristopher Derentz of Multi Imager Inc. “What can start out as minor damage such as a loose wire, can later turn into a major problem that requires replacement of an entire electrical board, or a squeaky bearing can later seize and prevent an important movement of the equipment. By catching issues early, a hospital, ASC or clinic can often save a huge percentage in repair costs and provide a longer life span to their equipment.”

Invest in the future
“Invest with the future in mind. Do not only look at today’s procedure mix,” says Robert Dewey of Siemens Healthcare. “Strive for maximum versatility to ensure maximum utilization of the space. Involve all stakeholders in designing the space.”

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